CarpenterJennaDr. Jenna P. Carpenter                                                      


Wayne and Juanita Spinks Professor of Mathematics

Associate Dean, Administration & Strategic Initiatives

Director, Office for Women in Science and Engineering

College of Engineering and Science

Louisiana Tech University

Ruston, LA  71272


phone:  (318) 257-2101

fax:  (318) 257-2562



Curriculum Vitae





·       Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies in the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech University.

o   As Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, College of Engineering and Science, 2013 - Present, I work with our faculty, staff and administration to guide our eight engineering, four science, and two engineering technology undergraduate degree programs in the college, including oversight for curricula, policies, programs, and accreditation. We have dynamic, cutting-edge programs; hands-on, project-based curricula; vibrant student organizations; and a variety of engaging professional development opportunities focused on providing students with an outstanding preparation in engineering and science.


·     5 years experience as Associate Dean for Administration and Strategic Initiatives (2008-2013) in the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech University.

o   I provided oversight for the college Leadership Team (Dean, Associate Deans, Directors) which is the primary decision-making body on college-wide issues.  I also had oversight for inventory, student workers, computing services, facilities; college-wide reports and accreditation issues; and share oversight for the college website, and media.  I managed various strategic initiatives in the College, including the Office for Women in Science and Engineering, the Grand Challenge Scholars Program, and the COES Mentoring Program.  I interacted with the College and Program external advisory boards, alumni, prospective and current students, prospective faculty, and a variety of university departments and personnel. 


·       10 years experience as Director in the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech University.  Over the ten year span I served for one or more years as Director for Computer Science, Geology, all seven of engineering programs (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Biomedical, Industrial and Nanosystems), as well as both engineering technology programs (Construction Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering Technology).

o   I had full administrative responsibility for each program, including hiring and mentoring of faculty, overall program management, interaction with alumni, advisory boards and employers, faculty evaluation, interfacing with research centers, etc.  I conducted approximately 20 successful faculty searches and hired key personnel who have grown into successful teachers, recognized researchers, and leaders for their programs, the college and the university.  I guided four programs (Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Technology, Chemical Engineering and Industrial Engineering) through successful re-accreditation.


·       2 years as Program Chair of Mathematics and Statistics in the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech University

o   I provided leadership in all matters concerning undergraduate and graduate curricula of the program including curriculum development and reform.  I was responsible for ensuring that proper advising was available to all students in the program, providing leadership in the recruiting efforts of the program, and preparing reports required by the College or University administration in matters such as “Duplicate Program Review”, “Low-completer Program Review” and SACS assessment reports.  I established a Student Chapter of the Mathematical Association of America and served as Faculty Advisor (activities included Mathematics Awareness Week celebrations, MAA Section Student Team Competitions, Mentoring of Undergraduate Research Projects), as well as Mathematics and Statistics Customer Teams to meet with representatives of numerous customer groups for the purpose of identifying and responding to needs and improving the quality of math service courses at the university.





·       I teach calculus for engineering honors students.  I am interested in student learning styles, integrated and innovative curricula, and active and cooperative learning strategies.





·       I work on projects focused on improving the number and success of women in engineering, as well as integrated STEM curricula.


·       Here are current/recent NSF grants: 


Creating a Culture of Success for Women in Engineering and Science” at  (principal investigator)


A Women in Engineering Knowledge Center: Informing Research, Practice, and Institutional Change” at (co-principal investigator)


Louisiana Tech's S-STEM Scholarship Program” at (co-principal investigator)





·       Vice President of Professional Interest Councils and Chair of Professional Interest Council III on the Board of Directors for American Society for Engineering Education.


·       Louisiana-Mississippi Governor for the Mathematical Association of America.


·       Chair of the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenge Scholars Program.


·       Director of Professional Development on the WEPAN (Women in Engineering ProActive Network) Board of Directors.  Check out the WEPAN website at:


·       Program Evaluator Candidate, General Engineering, ABET


·       Member, Mathematical Association of America Committee on Departmental Review


·       I am serving as co-editor on a Mathematical Association of America Notes volume focused on math and biology.


·       Check out the following publication on the use of math and biology in our NSF-funded integrated science curriculum at Louisiana Tech:  Integrating Mathematics into the Introductory Biology Laboratory Course” at,email


·       I served on the SWE (Society of Women Engineers) Assessing Women in Engineering (AWE) Project.  Check out the AWE website at:


·        I am also the Faculty Advisor for the Louisiana Tech SWE Student Section.  Check out the SWE website at:


·       The Office for Women in Science and Engineering has as its goal to create a culture of success for women in engineering and science.  Housed in the Office of the Dean, the OWISE Office and programs aim to improve climate, increase retention and provide professional development and leadership opportunities for engineering and science faculty and students.


·       I have reviewed for NSF CCLI, EMD and GFRP programs.





·       American Society for Engineering Education Fellow, 2013


·       Women in Engineering ProActive Network (WEPAN) Distinguished Service Award, 2013


·       American Society for Engineering Education Mathematics Division Distinguished Educator and Service Award, 2006


·      Wayne and Juanita Spinks Endowed Professorship, 2004-present


·       Louisiana Tech University Foundation Professorship Award, 2004


·       Mathematical Association of America Louisiana-Mississippi Section Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics, 2004


Videos and Presentations:




                                                Mathematical Association of America (MAA) video on the value of membership



                                                            Association of Women in Science 40th anniversary webinars



                                                TEDxMonroe Presentation: "Where are the Girls, and Why Aren't They Here?"


Professional Development for Women STEM Faculty


Graduate Student Seminars:



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· How to Communicate Effectively

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· Using Social Media to Promote Your Career

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· How To Give An Effective Presentation

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· Grad School Survival Guide

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· Write an Effective Teaching Statement

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· What Do You Want to Do When You Grow Up

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