In my CS course, we are currently useing a particular implementation of
Dylan called NOODLLE.  It is a subset of the 1992 specs, not the most
recent.  In NOODLLE Dylan, the program is as follows:

(define (hello ) (method () (print "Hello, World")))

The looping version is:

(define (hellol )
      (method ()
            (print "Hello, World")

submitted by: rem14@cornell.edu (Richard Morse)
Benjamin Krupp writes:
Because the Dylan-"Hello World" on your site is for the strange
NOODLLE-implementation, I would like to send you other Dylan-"Hello Worlds" [Gwydion Dylan]. 

Here are the examples:

Short version:

        module: hello

        format-out("Hello, World!\n");

Long version:

        module:    hello-long
        synopsis:  Print the string "Hello, World!"
        author:    J. Random Hacker <jrandom@randomhacks.com>
        copyright: Copyright 2005, J. Random Hacker

        define function main(name, arguments)
          format-out("Hello world!\n");
        end function main;

        // Invoke our main() function.
        main(application-name(), application-arguments());

A infinite loop (this one I wrote myself based on the short normal version):

        module: hello-loop

         format-out("Hello, World!\n");

submitted by: misterbened@web.de (Benjamin Krupp)