English/History 103-H02
Quiz 10 (Week 9b)

Love advise from Ovid.

  1. Ovid's patron goddess is
    1. Ceres/Demeter
    2. Diana/Artemis
    3. Juno/Hera
    4. Minerva/Athena
    5. Venus/Aphrodite
  2. Which of the following is NOT useful in attracting a lady-love?
    1. Going to the theater
    2. Virtue
    3. Making friends with her maid
    4. Fluffing her pillow
    5. Pretending to like the same horse that she does
  3. If you are attracted to both the lady AND her maid, what should you do?
    1. Date just the maid
    2. Date the maid first, then the lady
    3. Date the lady first, then the maid
    4. Leave town while you have the chance
  4. If you are a lady, you should be suspicious of
    1. Your man
    2. Your maid
    3. Your best friend
    4. All of the above
  5. Not having an orgasm during sex?
    1. Drink some courvoisier.
    2. Discuss the problem with your man.
    3. Practice in private.
    4. Get advice from your maid.
    5. Fake it.

  6. Ovid's Noah.
  7. He had to wear a dress & sew for a year to serve Omphale.
  8. He thought his wife was a game animal & killed her with his spear.
  9. (Use the following answers for 6 - 8)
    1. Cephalus
    2. Hercules
    3. Procris
    4. Deucalion
    5. Milanion
  10. The summum bonum (greatest good) for an Epicurean is
    1. Pleasure
    2. Duty
    3. Virtue
    4. Obeying the gods
    5. Living a long life
  11. An Epicurean's goal is to
    1. avoid pain.
    2. change society.
    3. eat, drink, and be merry.  Indulge in the most possible pleasures.
    4. achieve immortality after death through virtuous living.
    5. All of the above.