Syllabus for Honors 103

Foundations of Ancient Civilization 
  Fall Quarter 2013
Instructor: Dr. Bruce R. Magee

English 103-H01
Room: GTM 213
Time: 2:00-3:50 TR
Web site:

Office: GTM 222
Phone: 257-5494
Hours: 12:15-2:00 MW
11:50-2:00 TR
12:15-2:30 F
or by appointment

  • Knox, Bernard, ed. The Norton Book of Classical Literature. New York: W. W. Norton, 1993. ISBN: 0393034267. 
  • Pojman, Louis P., ed.  Classics of Philosophy.  3rd ed.  New York: Oxford U. Pr., 2010. ISBN-13: 978-0199737291. Keep this book for all four foundations classes.
  • Homer.  The Odyssey. Trans. Robert Fagles.  New York: Penguin Books, 1997.  ISBN-13: 978-0140268867.
  • Virgil.  The Aeneid. Trans. Theodore C. Williams.
  • The Bible.
  • Magee 103 Packet

Course Description

Catalog Data.
HNRS 103: Foundations of Ancient Civilization. 0-3-3. Interdiciplinary study of major works of Ancient Greek and Roman civilization.  For Honors students only.  Satisfies course work in ENGL 101, 102, or HIST 101.
Goals Prerequisites
English/History 103 is a demanding course. Be sure to arrange you schedule so you can spend adequate time for class preparation, researching, and writing. 
Writing Requirements
  1. The research paper develops research, analytical, and writing skills.
  2. The essay test develops analytical and writing skills.
Attendance Requirements Bring a 9" x 12" manilla folder to class for me to file your work in.


Guidelines for a paper's form
  1. OUT-OF-CLASS papers MUST be typed. Handwritten papers will be returned ungraded. I encourage you to learn to use a computerized word-processing program. It can save time, aid proofreading, and improve the appearance of an essay.  Tech has several computer labs with word processing programs.
  2. In-class papers MUST be written in ink.
  3. Use one side of the paper only.
  4. Use standard 8 1/2" by 11" white paper. Loose leaf or typewriter paper please--no frazzled edges ripped from notebooks.
  5. Use margins of at least an inch on each side of the paper. Leave a 1.5" margin on the right-hand side.
  6. Papers (except for the long report) should be folded vertically with the following information on the outside cover: name, section, theme assignment, instructor's name, and date.
  7. KEEP A PAPER COPY OF THE FINAL DRAFT IN YOUR OWN FILES. It's the cheapest insurance you can buy.

Daily Quizzes 50%
In-class Essay Exam 20%
Paper 20%
Attendance 10%
Total 100%
The grading scale is A: 90-100%, B: 80-89%, C: 70-79%, D: 60-69%, F: 0-59%.

Late Work
Your paper is due BY the due date.  It is due in class by the beginning of the period.  In an emergency, send it by a friend or upload it to my Blackboard drop-box.  You can turn it in any time until the due date.  After that, the grade drops 5 points per period .
Graded Material
In the event of a question regarding an exam grade or final grade, it will be the responsibility of the student to retain and present graded materials which have been returned for student possession during the quarter. 
Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
Students needing testing or classroom accommodations based on a disability are encouraged to discuss those needs with me as soon as possible. 
Honor Code
In accordance with the Academic Honor Code, students pledge the following: Being a student of a higher standard, I pledge to embody the principles of academic integrity.
The Emergency Notification System
All Louisiana Tech students are strongly encouraged to enroll and update their contact information in the Emergency Notification System. It takes just a few seconds to ensure you're able to receive important text and voice alerts in the event of a campus emergency.  For more information on the Emergency Notification System, please visit:

Registration Week (September 5-6)
Initial assignments
Period 1
Week 1 (September 9-13)
Packet. The Epic of Gilgamesh 20 (67) Gilgamesh videoVideo about

Period 2
Week 2 (September 16-20)
Period 1
  • Exodus 1-20; 32-40
  • Judges 13-21
  • Proverbs 1-5
Period 2
Week 3 (September 23-27)
Period 1
Period 2
Week 4 (September 30 - October 4)
Period 1
Period 2
Week 5 (October 7-11)
Period 1
Period 2
  • Packet. Eumenides 101
  • Classics of Philosophy. Plato. Phaedo. Paragraph 78b-85e, 112e-118a.

"Solid as a Rock?".
Week 6 (October 14-18)
Period 1
Period 2
  • Norton. Aristophones 446-477
  • Packet Aristophanes The Clouds 131A
  • Classics of Philosophy. Plato. Republic. 457a-465b, 511e-576b, 595o-608b.
Week 7 (October 21-25)
Period 1
Period 2
  • Norton. Thucydides. 334-357.
  • Classics of Philosophy. Aristotle. Ethics. 1094a-1107a10.
  • Alasdair MacIntyre.  After Virtue.  pp. 1-3
  • Packet. Confucius. 132C
Week 8 (October 28 November 1)
Period 1
Period 2
Week 9 (November 4-8)
Period 1
Period 2
Week 10 (November 11-15)
Period 1
  • Norton.  Horace. 635.
    • Tacitus. 786-793.
    • Juvenal. 813-826.
Period 2

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