I'm sorry about the lateness of getting started. I was making Blackboard settings wrong, & you couldn't see my announcements. We'll get caught up over the next couple of weeks. To help you get started, I've rescheduled the first quiz for Tuesday, September 16, 2008 (a week from today) instead of this Friday.  It will be on Blackboard.

English 201 over the Internet: Requirements

Read the assigned materials and the interactive lectures posted on my website: http://www2.latech.edu/~bmagee/201/eng201.htm.

This course is being offered as an Internet class. The readings are mostly the same as in my regular 201 classes.  I'm setting up the assignments as though the class is a T-Th class so you will be able to pace themselves. We'll have a quiz every week on Blackboard.  The material covered in the quizzes will NOT be cumulative.

We'll have discussion questions throughout the quarter & an outside mini-research paper (These are standard for all the 201 & 202 classes). 

Additional Information

You can reach me by phone during my office hours.  If I am not in, you can leave messages on my office phone.  My number is (318) 257-5494.

I will respond to your email within 24 hours during the week (Monday-Friday).  My address is Bmagee@latech.edu.  I will also set up a question and answer discussion board on Blackboard so that you can all get the same information at once.

I will not check email on weekends (Saturday-Sunday). Do not expect replies to emails sent after three p.m. until the next business day. Over the weekend, I do not promise a speedy reply, but if I am working at home and receive your email, I will try to answer it.

Please remember: I am not online 24 hours a day. technical support is your responsibility. If a document or lecture does not work, let me know. However, if the problem is on your end (your computer, your software, your modem), it is your responsibility to find someone to help you with the problem.