Here are the guidelines for the paper, which is a review of a scholarly article.

  1. Find a scholarly article that is 10 or more pages long.
    1. Do NOT look it up through Google or some other general search engine.
    2. Go to the Tech home page.
    3. Click on the Library link.
    4. Click on the Indexes & Databases link.
    5. Click on JSTOR or the MLA International Bibliography.
    6. If you are off campus, log in with your student id and the password (the default password is changeme).
    7. Look up an article on one of the works that we are reading this quarter.
  2. Download the article.  You need to send it to me along with your paper.
  3. Read the article.
  4. Write a review.
    1. It should be 2+ pages long (not 1 1/2).
    2. About two thirds of the review should be summary of what the article says.
    3. The last third should be your response.
    4. Write the bibliographical information for the article in good MLA form.  For JSTOR, display the stable URL in your Bibliography.
  5. Send the REVIEW AND THE ARTICLE to me.  In face-to-face classes, I want a paper copy of your assignments AND an electronic copy submitted through Moodle to TurnItIn.  In online classes, submit your paper through Moodle to TurnItIn.  If you have trouble uploading it Moodle, you may email it to me at  You may also bring a paper copy by my office.  You are still responsible for turning in the assignment by the due date, so plan ahead.

How to find a scholarly article using JSTOR.

Some of you may have trouble finding an article through the MLA database that is available in electronic form.  If that is the case, try the JSTOR (Journal STORage) database.
  1. Go to the Library page.
  2. Click on  "A to Z Electronic Journals"
  3. Search for JSTOR
  4. Click on the JSTOR link
  5. Click on the Search button
  6. Search by typing in keywords.  The following is a search for articles on John Donne's "Batter My Heart"
    JSTOR 5
  7. Find an article that is at least 10 pages long.
    JSTOR 6
  8. Click on the Download button.
  9. Click on PDF High Quality
    JSTOR 8
  10. Save the article to your hard drive.
  11. Attach it to your e-mail to send it with your  article.