Hymn to Proserpina

     She is a daughter of Demeter and Zeus. Her uncle Hades falls in love with her and drags her to
     Demeter, goddess of Ag., begins to search for her. Causes food to stop growing.
     Tension between Son-in-law and Mother-in-law for Proserpina’s affection. Tension between Zues and
     Humans begin to die because there is no food, so no sacrifices are made to Gods.
     Deal worked out so Proserpina spends half time underworld (winter – nothing grows) and other half
     with mom
     He is dying, speaker in poem. Prays to Proserpina, Queen of the Dead / Mother Earth. He’s pagan
     He’s tired of life, ready to die. Has given other gods their time, so now he’s given his dues to her.
     Jesus has taken fun out of life.
     End of paganism and end of his life occur at same time. New emperor is Christian.
     He will not bow to Christ; will worship old gods.
     Compares Mary and Venus – Lines 70-80. Mary’s not much fun. Venus is paganism too.
     Line 105, Talks to Proserpina. Even Christian God can’t overcome death.