- We regard Native Americans as one big culture. There were similarities, but actually quite different.

- Lived in different places, different civilizations.

- They were more like Europe is now than America is now. There are minor variations in Europe like different languages, different ways to dress, etc.

- The Native American culture was like this except they did trade with one another and have some contact.

- It was very much a tribal system, though. Each tribe had own customs, languages, etc.


- started Ghost Dance, which was a reworking of several religions. This is a response to the Unites States. All kinds of religious zealots moving to America and setting up shop--Puritans, Quakers, and most recently the Mormons. This can tend to be disastrous like Jim Jones or the Waco compound. These involved people going out into the wilderness.

- In theory as Americans we have freedom of religion. through the First Amendment.  This seldom extends to unpopular religions.  People want to post the Ten Commandments on school walls & remove books on Voodoo from the library.

we have the right to worship as we please, but on the other hand when the country perceives your religion as being different and therefore dangerous, it usually finds ways to persecute you.

- The Ghost Dance supposedly rendered you impervious to the bullets of American soldiers. It was seen as a dangerous religio that needed to be stamped out.

- The Messiah Letter has several versions because they were speeches and not written down at the time.

- The Cheyenne Version gives instructions on how to do the dance. Everyone is alive again. There is no sickness and everyone becomes young again.

- Mooney's Free Rendering version talks about Jesus, so it is called a syncretistic type of religion.