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Assignment 1

YOUR first graded assignment is an exercise in giving instructions.  We're going to work on a kind of instruction you're already familiar with: recipes. In using the standard recipe format, take advantage of several elements of technical writing:

  1. Use white space.
  2. Use headings and subheadings.
  3. Put instructions in lists: both bulleted and numbered.
  4. Start every instruction with an imperative verb.
  5. Put instructions in the proper order — first things first!
  6. Break down the process into logical and manageable steps. If a step covers too little or too much, your readers will get bored or confused.
  7. Use pictures and videos when possible.

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II.  Before and after

We are taking recipes from Cooking in Old Creole Days, and the Creole Cookery Book. These are old recipes that are in straight paragraph format. On our main web site, we've left the recipes in their original format:


Five eggs, the four yolks and one whole one, one gill of cream, one half-pint of milk, one ounce of sifted sugar, one quarter of a pound of lump sugar, just moistened with cold water, then boiled to a light golden color, poured into a mold. When the caramel is set, then pour in custard, tie down with foolscap paper and steam very gently for an hour and a half. When cooked it should be buried in ice until required for use. The eggs, cream, sugar and milk should all be well beaten together.

—Leonie Penin.

We've started a companion site, the Louisiana Anthology Cookbook, where we're putting the recipes in modern format:

  Caramel Pudding Recipe

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III. Your Assignment Step by Step

  1. Sign up for a Gmail account if you haven't already. (It's free! This is a good time to create an email name that sounds professional.)
  2. Send me your Gmail address (bmagee@latech.edu) so I can authorize you to add your recipes to the Louisiana Anthology Cookbook. Blogger will send you an email with the steps to add you as an editor.
  3. Accept the invitation to join the cooking blog and
  4. Pick 5 recipes from EITHER
  5. List your choices on the Moodle list. Make sure nobody has already chosen the ones you list: first come, first serve.
  6. Go to Blogger.com. Log in with your Google account.
  7. Click on the Louisiana Anthology Cookbook.
  1. Click on New Post.
  1. Put the name of your first recipe in the Post Title. Put the recipe in the text section.
Title and Text
  1. Follow the blog format. The next tip works fine for some people, but brings in some excess HTML for others. I'm not quite sure why! [The easiest way is to copy the an earlier recipe. Delete the text of the recipe and fill in your new text.]
  2. WARNING: DON'T COMPOSE IN WORD & PASTE INTO BLOGGER. Word creates particularly bad code.
  3. Stay as close to the original text as you can. Define unusual terms (a gill is 1/2 cup, for example)
  4. List the ingredients in an unordered (bulleted) list. Put the quantity then the ingredient (1 cup of milk, for example)
  5. List the preparation steps in an ordered (numbered) list.  Remember to strike a balance in the amount of material in an individual step.
  6. Use
  1. Sign the bottom.
  1. Repeat the above steps for your four other recipes.  Each recipe should be in a separate post.
  2. Choose one of the recipes and prepare it, taking pictures as you go.  It you can't afford it or don't have a place to prepare it, go to the store and take pictures of the ingredients.
  3. Insert the images into the recipes. Make them medium or small and make them align to the right.
  1. Let me know if you have any problems. 
  2. When you finish, send me the links to your five recipes.
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