If you are enrolled in the current quarter, you will register for your next quarter classes at an assigned time (specified in the Schedule of Classes). Students who are currently enrolled are expected to register for the next quarter during the "early registration" period. Currently enrolled students who register after early registration are assessed a late registration fee.

Your exact Registration Center appointment is listed on your registration form. Priority for Registration Center appointments is based on hours earned the students with the most hours registering earlier. The registration form will be available in your academic department head's college. Each college will publicize the exact time the forms are available, the location of the forms, and the procedures for advising.




Here is an overview of the registration procedures for currently enrolled students:


1.) Announcements will be made in your college/department about where and when to pick up your registration form.

2.) Make an appointment with your academic advisor (his/her name is on the form). Follow the directions on the back of the registration form.

3.) Meet with your advisor and complete the required parts of the form during the advisement period.

4.) Obtain advisement approval by acquiring the "Dean's stamp" on the form.

5.) Come to the Registration Center (Wyly 318) at your main appointment time or any of your alternate appointment times as listed on the registration form. You will be allowed only one trip through the Registration Center, so be sure all the needed information and clearances of charges are in place on the form before you come to the Registration Center.

6.) Your primary class requests will be entered. If one or more of your primary classes is closed, you will need to select one or more of the alternate classes listed.




Checklist for entry into the Registration Center


The following information must be completed on your resignation form when you arrive at the Registration Center (Wyly 319) for your main or alternate registration appointment:

1.) The approval stamp of your Dean or Department Head must be affixed.

2.) Your Primary classes must be listed, with matching section and sequence numbers. If you are enrolling in a "restricted" class, make certain you meet the restriction or have the proper signature. You cannot enroll in two classes that overlap without special permission on the registration form.

3.) Each charge listed on your form must have appropriate clearance stamp.

4.) Permission to enroll in more than 12 hours must have the Dean's signature.






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