The State Shelter at Alexandria
"The Mega-Shelter"
"The Big Kahuna"

8100 Hwy. 71 S.
Alexandria, LA 71302
(318) 767-6215


What's visible from space,
but you can't get there from here?

The State Shelter at Alexandria,
aka "The Mega-Shelter"
aka "The Big Kahuna"

Louisiana built this mega-shelter after Katrina to accommodate evacuees from natural disasters, especially hurricanes. Learn more about the shelter here.  Unfortunately, the address is not included here or pretty much anywhere on the Internet.  Welcome to Louisiana.

The actual address of the shelter is
8125 Hwy. 71 S.
Alexandria, LA 71302

But typing that address into Google Maps shows a spot a few miles away.  So  either go to the Mega-Shelter on Highway 71/167 (marked below), or go to 8100 Hwy. 71 S. and catch a shuttle bus to the main site.

There is also a shelter for pets in Alexandria. Read the manual here.

The Pet Megashelter 

Rapides Parish Coliseum
5600 Coliseum Blvd.
Alexandria, LA 71303
(318) 442-9581

The Mega-Shelter