Oreo Cake

"The ambition of every good cook must be to make something very good with the fewest possible ingredients." - Urbain Dubois

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You know what would really hit the spot?  A nice cup of cool dirt, gooey mud, and a  few worms.  This page will teach you how to make a very easy and very tasty dessert:  Oreo Dirt Cake.

Think back to a time when you had a craving for chocolate but did not want to go through all of the trouble mixing together brownie ingredients, and much less wait 30 minutes for them to cook.  This stupidly simple treat is perfect for those who are both lazy and have a sweet tooth.  It is a no bake, easy clean up dessert that will satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth!

In less than 5 minutes, you will learn the necessary ingredients, the suggested kitchen ware, the steps of preperation, and the steps of assembly to this dessert.

Oreo Cake in a Mug