To save room and protect your fragile items, wrap the item in t-shirts and pack it away from any edge of the suitcase or travel bag. That way, you still pack your t-shirts without taking up extra space for protective wrapping.

In most cases, vacationers do chose to pack extra clothing. We recommend packing an extra outfit for every 2-3 days of the trip. If you are packing for a 7 day trip, pack 3 extra outfits.

Your carry on should contain a change of clothes, personal hygiene items (that meet airline requirements), phone charger, snack foods, and any other items you may want during the flight (i.e. books, magazines, puzzle books, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases passengers are allowed more than one carry on, but it depends on the airline requirements. Women are allowed a purse and a carry on.

Can I pack more than one carry on?

What should I pack in my carry on?

Should I pack extra clothes?

How do I pack fragile items?

Always leave room for extra items for the return trip in case you have a shopping day while on your vacation. Some suitcases have an expandable top, so when you are packing do not expand the top to leave room for extra luggage on your return trip.

How do I avoid over-packing for the return trip?

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We hope our information has helped you in preparing for your big trip! Have a safe flight if you fly, and a safe drive if you choose to drive!