Making Smoothies for the Week.


Smoothies Galore


Hi, we are the PHEGG Smoothie Team and we are here to enlighten you on the wonderful world of SMOOTHIES.  Not only do Smoothies make breakfast healthier, a Smoothie can be a very healthy and tasty treat throughout the day.  We are introducing five of our favorite Smoothies. We are covering all your  smoothie needs.  Whether you are on a diet, trying  to build muscle, or just looking for a tasty snack we have the Smoothie for you! Enjoying s smoothie is a great way of getting your recommended serving of fruits and protein throughout the day.  You might be skeptical of the outcome of our recipes.  However, our smoothies have been tested by many students and faculty around the Ruston area and we have yet to receive a complaint.  Welcome to the SMOOTHIE PHEGG page, please enjoy your stay!

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