Smoothies for the Week


We make smoothies that are easy, and take about 5 minutes to make.

Text Box: This Smoothie contains healthy ingredients that is a sweet dream for the perfect nutritional snack.

Tropical Dream Machine

Text Box: This works well for non coffee drinkers, a sip of this will take you from morning grogginess to extreme alertness.

Strawberry and Banana Volcano

Text Box: Did you work out today? You want to know how Superman crushes Lex Luther Robots, then get a sip of this.


Text Box: Get your bathing suits ready for a wave of the sweet and summer quench of pineapples and coconuts.

Summer Vacation

Text Box: This is a low calorie snack that is so good and healthy at the same time that it would make you think heaven is finally on earth.

Heaven on Earth

Text Box: Recipe