Lawn care has been an important activity since ancient times. In ancient times, land was usually used to grow crops and provide food. Land wasn't seen as a luxury, but as a way of life and a source of nourishment.

During the middle-ages lawns were used to escape the odors of a castle or monastery. During the Elizabethan age, lawns became more of a luxury and a status symbol. Lawns were a place of recreation and leisurely strolls--a symbol of wealth.

The journey to the new world did not leave the lawn care tradition behind. Lawns in North America continued to be a symbol of success and status.

Lawn care today is a cultural must. When people don't take care of their lawns they receive nasty letters from their neighborhood association, are thought of as lower class, and are looked down upon for their laziness.

If you want to carry on a tradition that has existed for the last few thousand years and earn the respect of your neighbors, then you need to mow your lawn.

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