wear old shoes

Getting Started

The first step to better mowing is knowing what to wear. Our research team's expert advice is to wear old, closed-toed tennis shoes, a shirt, and pants. A shirt and pants will protect your skin from flying debris, and will lower the amounts of stares and honks you will receive while mowing. If you are fair skinned, you'll want to be sure to wear sunscreen. Remember to protect your eyes from the sun by wearing sun glasses.

Now that your are dressed and ready, you will need to check your lawn mower to be sure that it is ready to go. Runners don't go out and run a marathon without first hydrating, and neither can your lawn mower. You will need to make sure your mower has enough gasoline and oil before turning it on. Unscrew the cap that probably says gas or has a picture of a gasoline can, and make sure you can see that the gasoline is filled near the top. Most modern mowers only need their oil to be changed once a year, but it is always a good idea to check the oil level.

Some mowers require you to prime them several times before you start the mower. This is usually done by pressing a rubber button near the gas tank several times. This number and requirement may vary, so it is always a good idea to read your owner's manual.

get the toys out

After priming your mower and filling it up with gasoline, you will need to clear your lawn of debris...sticks, toys, pets, children. Stray pieces of metal and large tree limbs can damage your mower and may throw dangerous projectiles into the air.

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