mow in rows

Mowing the Lawn

With all the toys thrown to the side and sticks thrown over the fence into your neighbor's yard, you are ready to start the mower. If you are using a push mower you will probably have to hold down a lever and pull on a cord several times to get the mower to start. The actual process of starting the mower may vary from mower to mower, so it is always advisable to check your owner's manual.

warning: keep your limbs away from the blades Now that the mower is on, be sure to keep your limbs away from the blades because it may cause bodily harm.

It is recommended to first cut the grass along the perimeter in one or two rows. This will help you to turn around in tight corners.

Next you will need to just start pushing. Stand behind the mower and push in a straight line until you run out of space. Then turn around and go back in the same direction you came from to begin cutting a new row of grass. Repeat this process until the entire lawn is cut.

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