The Shelby Knot

  1. Start by raising the collar and placing the tie around your neck with the wide end on your dominant side and two to three times the length of the short end. The short end stays in place, and the directions are for moving the long end. 
  2. For this knot, start with the tie inside out, long end crossed under the short end.(Fig.1)
  3. Go up and over, through the loop at the neck and down on the same side.(Fig.2)  Pull snug.
  4. Go across in front and up and under into the loop at the neck.(Fig.3)
  5. Go down and through the loop formed in the front of the knot.
  6. Gently pull on the wide end and shape the knot.  Pull on the short end as you push the knot up to the collar.


Fig.1 Fig.2

Four-in-Hand Knot

Half Windsor

Full Windsor

Bow Tie

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