Aerospace Research Corporation
The Delta Dagger   
Jason Doughty
Step 1: Fold the paper lengthways down the center making a crease, and then reopen. 

Step 2: Next, fold the top two corners inwards so that they meet at the center crease. 

Step 3: Close the paper again, and make another fold at the bottom corner as shown in the picture.  

Step 4: Reopen the paper, then make a fold inward, making a crease ½ inch below the folds in Step 2. Be sure to align the center crease as shown in the picture. 

Step 5: Now fold the top corners inwards and towards the center just like in Step 2. 

Step 6: Just below the last two folds, the tip of the fold from Step 4 should be showing. Now fold the tip upwards so that it rests over the previous folds. 

Step 7: Next, fold in half along the center crease, but backwards from the fold in Step 1. Adjust the tail fin so that it comes up between the fold.  

Step 8: Now, fold the wings down so that each crease is parallel to the center crease. Now go forth and scare the hell out of your cat.