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This is the traditional paper airplane, the old stand-by of many a young schoolboy. No one is quite sure of the exact history of the plane, but according to oral tradition, and my great uncle Melton, it goes all the back to the days of ancient Egypt. As he tells it a couple of semi- delinquent schoolboys had just finished their class on; Pyramids and Triangles what they can do for you. Now as only such scholarly type lads can do they began thinking about and experimenting with triangles in their very next class; Ancient History Now! How to make people remember you in a few thousand years. Well with a few sheets of papyrus and a fold here and a triangle there before they knew it, presto! papyrus airplane. Just as one might expect, Uncle Melton would say, those boys invented something else that day as well, detention. Of course thatís what Uncle Melton would say.
 Anyway for those of you who missed out on those exciting days and are clawing in a futile attempt to relive them, or if its just been a few to many beers and years since you flew one of these reminiscent beauties here your answer. Step Ėby- step instructions on how to build the classroom classic.
 First acquire a sheet of paper. Any size will do, doodles already on the sheet are a big plus. After this fold the sheet in half-length wise, creasing it (See Figure 1). Now you get to start making those triangles. Take any of the four corners and fold it inside towards the crease. Next fold the opposite corner towards the crease in the same manner (See Figure 2&3). Now take the outside edge of one of the one of the two little triangles formed and fold it to the crease. Next fold the opposite corner towards the crease in the same manner. (See Figure 4&5). Letís take a little break, Ahhh! Now that your refreshed fold the plane in half back along the crease keeping the other folds in place. After this fold both sides down and crease about an inch from the bottom (See Figure 6&7). The objective of this fold is to create the wings and an area underneath to grip. For a finishing touch fold up the ends of the wing tips about half an inch to add some cool style points. Finally fly and enjoy.