In order to help one’s chances of being accepted into medical school, it is highly recommended that the applicant be an active member of one or more organizations. These organizations can be honor societies, pre-professional groups, or special interest groups. In particular most applicants should consider Alpha Epsilon Delta ( This pre-professional organization can offer many advantages to pre-medical students such as mock interviews, school tours, and application tips.

In addition to organizations, an applicant should try to have some extracurricular activities or work experience that may demonstrate a broad range of knowledge and development. Intramural sports, hobbies, internships, and part-time jobs are all worthwhile activities.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, one should have volunteer experience in a hospital setting especially involving contact with patients. This can include things as simple as observing in the operating room, emergency room, or intensive care unit. Gaining experience in medicine addresses questions of long-term motivation and commitment to a demanding career path.

Links on activities and organizations for medical school preparation: