Oil Disposal

1. Tossing oil into the trash is the same thing as pouring it on the ground. It will be dumped in a landfill, where it will eventually seep into the ground and contaminate drinking water.

2. Pouring oil into a sewer is the same thing as pouring it directly into a stream or river. One pint of oil can create a poisonous oil slick about an acre in diameter.

3. When oil is poured onto the ground, it can contaminate drinking water supplies. A single quart can pollute 250,000 gallons of drinking water.

4. Experts estimate that 40% of pollution in America's waterways is from used oil. About 21.1 million tons of the stuff finds its ways into our waterways every year.

5. Burning your oil is a much better alternative. Several legal oil-burning furnaces are available.
  Two gallons of used oil can provide electricity to run the average household for approximately 24 hours or... cook 48 meals in a microwave ... blow-dry your hair 216 times ... vacuum your house for 15 months ... or keep your TV on for 180 hours.  
6. Recycled oil is actually reused! See uses below in Pie chart.



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