Traveling to Europe is an awesome experience; however, many people do not know what to expect when traveling abroad. When hopping from hostel to hostel, there are certain precautions one must take. Maps of the area being traveled are a must. A handbook of common phrases is also a lifesaver. This helps you survive in a foreign land. In addition, it makes the locals happy you care enough to learn their language. This web site will give you many helpful hints in finding the best hostels in Europe. We will also link you to other sites in order to provide you with easy access to major information to some of the coolest European hostels. So sit back and click away...we hope you enjoy hopping from hostel to hostel.


- normally, there is at least one hostel in each European town
- there are two types of hostels: 1) privately ran hostels; 2) those affiliated to Hostelling International (HI) also known as International Youth Hostelling Association (IYHF)
- hostels offer the cheapest accommodations for travelers
- usually, beds are in shared dormitories
- most hostels have separate rooms for men and women
- hostels a more popular among the people between ages twenty and thirty
- for the HI/IYHF hostels, a membership card is needed
- membership cards can be obtained through travel agents or youth hostel association in your own country (cost ranges between ten and twenty dollars for most)
- bring your own toiletries
- some hostels do take telephone reservations, but many of them will not accept prior arrangements over the phone
- it usually costs ten to fifteen dollars per night to stay in a hostel (more expensive hostels cost up to thirty dollars)


The most inexpensive choice of travel through Europe is a Eurail pass. The Eurail System includes a 100,000 mile rail network covering 17 countries. It allows flexibility and convenience in your travels. Options include Eurailpass, Eurail Youthpass, Eurail Saverpass, Eurail Flexpass, and Europass. Prices range from $444 to $1468 depending on your travel needs. Here is a per person based partial price list compiled from other internet sites for consecutive day passes. For a fifteen day pass, adults can travel first class for only $522, a youthpass is just $418, and an Adult Saverpass will cost you only $444. For a 21 day trip, you can expect to pay around $678 travelling first class, and a Saverpass is available for only $576. For a 30 day stay, adults can travel and view sites for only $838, while youth only pay $598, and a Saverpass is only $712. What a deal!!! Eurail also has the Lost Pass Refund Program. At the time of purchase, you pay an additional $10 for the guarantee. If your pass is lost or stolen on your trip, the unused portion will be refunded on your return to the United States. Also available on Eurorail is the Youth Pass for those under 25 years of age. Benefits include: transportation by ferries, steamers, and buses entirely free or at a substantial discount.


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