One of the most common features for Internet use is that of E-Mail. E-Mail allows you to send electronic messages or letters to others that have the same capacity to use them. Through E-Mail, it only takes a matter of minutes for a message to reach all the way around the world, as with regular mail (snail mail) it could take several days or several weeks.

There are two ways to access your E-Mail through Louisiana Tech. One way is by using the Mainframe "dumb" terminals or you can use the new Windows 95 based systems and use a program called Eudora.

Whatever method you use, there are some general guidelines to remember about E-Mail.

Try not to "SHOUT." Shouting is the term used for posting e-mail in all capital letters. It is very hard for the other person to read.
Don't use "flames." A flame is a personal attack on somebody else via the e-mail system. Not only is this rude, but in some cases, it can be considered illegal.
Keep your e-mail postings to a reasonably short length.

Remember, in order to use any part of Tech's Internet (E-Mail included) you must first get a VM account from the Computing Center.

After you have logged on to the MAINFRAME (Forgot how? Click here):

Find the e-mail address of the person you wish to send mail to
Type MAIL followed by the address, and then press ENTER
The Mainframe will ask what subject you wish to write about. This, and the name of the message of the person you are sending the message to, is optional. However, feel free to enter any subject and any name you wish.
You will then be transferred to the screen in which you are able to start writing your message. Begin typing.
When you are finished typing your message, press PF5 (F5 at home) to send. You will have to press this TWICE in order to send the message.

Not only can you send e-mail messages via the mainframe, but you can also receive and read your e-mail messages through the mainframe. To do this, follow the procedure below.

Log on as described earlier (click here to remember)
Type MAIL, and then press the ENTER key
If you have mail, the cursor will be on the first letter of the new mail.
Press PF2 (F2 at home) to read the mail
When you are finished reading the mail you can quit by pressing PF3 (F3 at home)
Now you are back at the In Box screen and ready to continue using e-mail.

An even easier way to read and send e-mail is through a program called Eudora. This program is on all of the Windows 95 based systems on campus.

After logging on to the computer, there will be a blue screen with a La Tech background. On the left side there are several icons (Eudora, Mainframe, My Computer, etc. . .)
Drag the mouse to the EUDORA icon and double click on it.
The Eudora screen will appear.
Your password for Eudora is the same as it was for logging on.
You e-mail address is slightly different. If it was XYZ001@latech.edu,it will now be XYZ001@beta.latech.edu.

Working with Eudora is easier than the mainframe. You can simply follow the icons on the screen to help you. For example, to check your mail, click on the icon that has a big red check mark and a letter next to it. If you need help, ask a friendly lab monitor. In order to send e-mail using Eudora, follow the procedure below.

Find the e-mail address of the person you wish to send mail to.
Drag the mouse to the new message icon and click on it. (It's the icon with a pad of paper, an envelope, and a pencil on it.)
Type the address of the person you are sending mail to in the TO: row.
You may enter the subject if you wish, but it is not necessary.
Drag the mouse to the blank notepad below.
Start typing your message.
When you are finished, drag the mouse to the SEND button and click on it.
Your message has now been sent and logged into your Out Box.

You can also use Eudora to read your e-mail.

Drag the mouse to the In Box icon, and click on it. (This icon is located to the left of where you just composed your message.)
This screen will show you the mail you have in your mailbox.
Highlight the selection you would like to read and press ENTER.
The message will appear and you will be able to read it.
When you are finished reading the message you may go to the next message or quit.
To go to the next message, click on the BIG RED ARROW.
To quit, drag the mouse to the FILE button, click on it, and drag the mouse to EXIT. Click on the word, EXIT, and you will be done.

Now that you can use both the mainframe and Eudora to check your e-mail, click on the forward arrow below, to find out how you can use the browsers to surf the Internet.