What's On This Site Anyway? 
This site was completed both as a class project and as a service to Louisiana Tech Students. On this site you will find information on how to use the various Internet resources of Louisiana Tech University such as:
  1. E-Mail
  2. WWW Browsing
  3. Establishing your own WWW Site
  4. and some wonderful links that should be of interest to Tech students.

    Who Created This Site? 
    This site was created by Jason S. Knippers, Kyle A. Ferachi, William Matt Moody, Andy Stinson, and Emily Bain. These individuals were students in Dr. Bruce Magee's Technical Writing Course for the 1997-1998 Winter Quarter at Louisiana Tech University. Technical Writing is numbered as English 303 and is offered online for Tech students during the Spring Quarter. For more information on English 303 online, follow this link or call the Louisiana Tech English Department at (318) 257-2718.

    How Do I Start? 
    It's easy to get started using the Internet at Louisiana Tech! Just click the button below to get started on your wonderful journey into the world of Louisiana Tech Cyberspace!