Obtaining and Using a VM Account

Before you can use any of the different aspects of Louisiana Tech's Internet Resources, you must first obtain a VM Account. This account will allow you to read and send e-mail, surf the World Wide Web, and establish an Internet presence. This account is free to all currently enrolled Tech students and is very easy to obtain and use. Just follow the links and procedures that follow and you will be surfing in no time!

Directions for obtaining a VM account

Places to access your VM account

Accessing the Tech mainframe

The easiest way to learn all about Tech's Internet Resources though is to take a self-guided tour of this site by using the forward and backward arrows at the bottom of the page. The HOME button will take you back to the introduction and the backward arrow will take you to the page that is supposed to immediately precede the page you are viewing.

FYI: The use of capital letters in the instructions is just to show you what to type. It does not necessarily mean that what you type has to be in capital letters. The use of italics is to show you something important that is not typed.

To begin your journey, click the forward arrow!