Places to Access Your VM Account

Now that you've obtained your VM account, you're ready to put it to good use. Where can you do this? Well, there are several places on the Louisiana Tech campus, and you can even use it from your dorm room, apartment, or house.

Many campus buildings have their own computer labs. However, some of the computers in certain buildings are very old and are not capable of Internet use. But some buildings that you might want to check out include Nethken, George T. Madison (GTM), College of Administration and Business (CAB), Woodard, and South Hall (Police Department). Be sure to check with the department that runs the lab, as they have their own rules as to which students can use them and at what times they are opened.

The third floor of Wyly Tower and the tenth floor of Prescott Library are the newest places for students to access the Internet. These two computer labs were opened at the end of Fall Quarter '97 and contain Pentium computers operating on the Windows 95 Operating System. These computers are much more user friendly than the old "dumb" terminals which can still be found on campus. However, it is still important that a Tech student know how to use the "dumb" terminals because the new labs are still very unstable and are often subject to long periods of down time- where they are unavailable for student use. (Click the forward arrow to discover how to use these systems)

You can also access Tech's mainframe from your dorm room, apartment, or house if you have your own personal computer. For more information on home usage, please click here.