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Essay Exam

 Essay questions. Answer four of the questions below. Use complete sentences and good grammar.

  1. Compare & contrast 2 heroes from two different works.  What makes them significant?  What are their strengths, weaknesses, virtues, & vices? 
  2. Trace the development of one character through different works.  How does the character change & how do the changes relate to the works' overall purposes?  How do changes in culture change the hero and perceptions of the hero?
  3. My brother's keeper.  Discuss 2 examples (outside of Genesis) where characters either live up to our requirement to be our brother's keeper or not.  (A brother can be literally defined or defined loosely as any person we interact with.)
  4. Compare & contrast the varying accounts of creation.  Use these 4 accounts:
    1. Genesis 1,
    2. Genesis 2,
    3. Hesiod's 5 ages,
    4. the creation of Epimetheus and Pandora.
  5. List & describe the 12 Olympian gods.
  6. Discuss the indictments of God and the answering theodicies in Job and Candide.  What accusations are made?  How are these answered?  What new accusations arise?  How do the answers in Job differ from those in optimism?
  7. Discuss several qualities of good citizenship of Rome, using examples from Livy.
  8. Discuss several qualities of good citizenship in the City of Ladies, using Pizan.


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