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Writing Assignments 1 & 2

  1. Writing Assignment One.  Define and explain the respective purposes of these four terms:
    1. Graph
    2. Diagram
    3. Map
    4. Table.
      Offer several examples of the types of data each might be best suited to represent. This assignment is descriptive only--list some examples, but there is no need to present me with visual examples.
  2. Writing Assignment TwoDefine and explain the purposes of any four of the first 17 design principles in UPD. Find and present an example for each term you choose that does not come from any of our three texts. Decide how best to do this: whether links in your document to web pages, file attachments to photos, graphics, or other documents, or material you paste as an appendix. Make certain you explain why your choice seems to be a reasonable example of the concept at work.  

    NOTE: These projects constitute assignments ONE and TWO. Each should be submitted as a separate document. Each should be a minimum of one full single-spaced page, but no more than two full pages. I need no other heading in the document other than your name and "Response One" in the upper left corner. Title the file itself the same way. Text should be 12-point professional font, single spaced, and double spaced between sections or headings. Make minor boldface, font style, or font size changes to headings at your discretion. I'll evaluate according to the quality of the content, the appearance of the document, and of course the level of writing errors I come across.

    Let me know if you have questions.

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