English 475 - Classical Mythology 
Essay Exam

Dr. Bruce R. Magee

Essay questions. Answer four of the questions below. Use complete sentences and good grammar.

  1. Write from memory 10 lines of poetry and analyze their meaning in a well-written paragraph.

  3. List the 12 labors of Heracles.  Give a brief sentence summarizing each labor.

  5. List the 12 Olympian gods.  Give a brief sentence for each one describing their main attributes.

  7. Compare and contrast 2 versions of 1 myth.

  9. Compare and contrast 2 myths as they occur in 1 author.

  10. Compare and contrast 1 Greek myth to 1 non-Greek myth.

  12. Apply one ancient method of interpretation to a myth.

  13. Apply one modern method of interpretation to a myth.

EXTRA CREDIT: Write from memory up to 20 lines of poetry for up to 10 points of extra credit. Partial credit is possible. Include the poem title, author (if known), and page number in the book to facilitate grading.  Do NOT use the same lines you used in #1 above.  You may use different lines from the same poem.