Adams, w. Matthew -

He is a very directed person, directed where no one is sure. He one day hopes to aspire to either the #1 rated Time's Man of the Year or a McDonald's Manager. Now, even though he has been in school for longer than anyone can remember, he hopes to graduate one day and take advantage of the Career Student Retirement Fund.

Kesterson, Willie -

He is a junior in Mechanical Engineer hoping to someday, one day, graduate and earn his Professional Engineer License (I'm just wondering, is that like a Custodial Engineering License?) He is also an avid duck hunter and supporter of Ducks Unlimited. (I think this last thing is a contradiction in terms since duck hunting and Ducks Unlimited, an organization setup to perserve the rights of ducks, go against one another. I also wasn't aware of the fact that ducks were a minority group?????) He is also a Monday Night Football fan. (The story I heard was he was a Dallas Saints fan.)

Lee, Ramona -

She is Junior in Marine Biology, (Is that some sort of militant scientist thing or something?????) who one day hopes to become an animal trainer at a marine park. (This sounds an awful lot like some sort of militant training center, but then again, who knows?????) She also loves dophins and whales. (You know, I definitely see a pattern here, Marines, Marines, aquatic animals. Could our female group member actually be interested in some sort of militant, animal experiment thing where she teachs dolphins and whales to blow up mines or find enemy subs or something?????)

Parnell, Wayne "Bubba" -

With a name like Bubba, I think he might be a red-neck. Bubba is a junior Accounting major. (This is a fancy way of telling you that you pay this person to tell you how much money you have, kind of makes you wonder huh????) He hopes to pass the CPA before he takes it 20 times. (With hopes like this, I woouldn't hire him.) He is also a sports enthusiest. (Too bad he isn't enthusiastic about studying. Well, maybe he can get a job as a sports caster or something like that.)

Rogan, John -

Even though he is not the maker of the drug which he is named after, he may one day be a candidate for it. John is a junior in Chemical Engineering hoping to work in the paper industry. (To me, this sort of sounds like he wants to make some new kind of paper for marijuana cigarettes??? Who knows????) He also is an avid golfer and hunter. (Know let's get real here a sec, he likes to pick on poor, little, defenseless white balls with funnying looking clubs, and he calls this fun??? Also, golfing and hunting together, maybe he is talking about he likes to hunt for golf balls!!!)