Good Job Hunting: 12 Top Sites to Start Your Search
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If you're looking for a job If you're trying to fill a position
Site Jobs listed
Job search by Résumé-building
Job search agent
Online tips
and advice
Bulletin board
Monthly cost per
single posting
Cost to browse
résumé bank
New candidate
notice (e-mail)
Links to employer
6,000 J, K, L, S N Y Y N N $150 n/a Y Y Y Tons of career info, supereasy to navigate, résumé posting
across affiliated network. 
70,000 C, J, K, L Y N Y N Y $150  free N N Y High-traffic site has tips on ASCII résumés, business and
tech listings, helpful Career Center. 
Cool Works
40,000 J, L N N N N N $50 n/a N Y Y Great source for fun, adventurous, and generally unconventional jobs. 
17,000 C, J, L Y Y Y N Y $751 $22502, 3 Y Y Y Heavy technical flavor in listings, limited career resources.
Résumé builder has editing capabilities. 
Hot Jobs
6000 J, K, L Y Y Y Y Y $80  n/a Y Y Y Technically oriented job listings, easy-to-use search interface. 
JobBank USA
2000 J, K, L Y Y Y N Y $641 $19002 N Y Y Search capability for over 20 job sites. Helpful lists of Usenet groups
and newspaper links. 
13,000 K Y Y Y N Y4 $605 free Y Y Y No bells and whistles, just basic job listings and résumé posting.
200 J, L Y N N Y Y free free N N N Standard job and résumé postings. Very new at time of
writing--not many listings. 
3000 K, L N N Y Y N $80 n/a N Y Y National Association of Colleges and Employers' site has own listings
plus links to useful sites. 
The Monster Board*
50,000 J, K, L Y Y Y N Y $88 $49002 Y Y Y Has lots of listings and résumés. Job alert service was
not working correctly at press time. 
Online Career Center
81,000 K, L Y N Y Y Y $150  free Y Y Y Big site has tons of listings, especially for technical and finance positions. 
Yahoo Classifieds
200,000 K, L N N N N Y free free N N Y Many job listings but hard to navigate. Résumé posting is more of
a "position sought" classified ad. 
*Recommended sites
C = Company; J = Job type; K = Keyword; L = Location; S = Salary
1Minimum two months.
2Per year.
3Varies according to subscription.
4$5 for six months.
5$30 for two-week minimum.

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