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Wheelock Study Materials

Greek Grammar

Classic Recital Page

This recital site was created for (and by) the classics teaching staff at Harvard to help students grasp the vital performative aspect of ancient literature. 
Greek Grammar on the Web

The electronic gateway to the Study of Ancient Greek.
Reading Ancient Greek

Enchiridion: A User-Friendly Guide to Reading Ancient Greek

Latin Grammar

Classic Recital Page
This recital site was created for (and by) the classics teaching staff at Harvard to help students grasp the vital performative aspect of ancient literature. 
Classics Technology Center

This is a portal to the future of Classics education. It is a repository of practical tools, for educators and other classicists, to enhance the use of computer technology in Classics education.
A one-stop resource for Latin students and educators.
Elementary Latin at Tufts University

Susan Stenik's home page for her Latin courses.
Grex Alter Latine Loquentium

Links to on-line dictionaries in Latin.
How the Romans Cussed and Swore: Invective

Epithets and Other Roman Interjections.
The Intelligent Person's Guide to Latin

This Project has two purposes:
  1. To deliver an "architectonic view" of the Latin linguistic system, with a sense of what the parts mean and where they fit into a working linguistic whole.
  2. At the same time to present a rational explanation of the individual components as they are described (paradigms and all), in the belief that we know enough about practical linguistics at this time to revamp the Classical traditional-ese jargon and talk about Latin as a language-system which was quite satisfactory for well over a millennium of varied communications.

Links to various resources for studying Latin, from grammar to on-line recordings to a guide to Latin in the movies.
Latin Chat

Even though the internet hasn't quite advanced enough to allow us to talk to each other, scattered all over the globe as we are, it does make it very easy for us to write to each other ... IN LATIN! 
Latin Curriculum Reviews

Evaluations of resources for studying Latin &Greek.  Especially designed for home schooling.
Latin Dictionary Online

Look up Latin words at the Perseus Digital Library (http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/)
Latin Grammar Aid and Wordlist

Type in the form of the word that you would expect to find in a dictionary or a truncated form of the word. If you want help with the ending of a word, type the ending in the space provided.
Latin - Home Page

About.com resources.  "Expert guides to help you find / learn / share."
Latin Homework Forum

You can post your Latin questions here.  They may even be answered.
Latin Library

The Latin Library at Ad FontesAcademy.  Ancient texts in Latin
Latin Literature - Grammar Front Page

Good explanations of grammar--nouns, pronouns, verbs, etc.
Latin Maxims

Sayings in Latin.
Latin Praxis.

Using words & phrases to master Latin. 
Latin Teaching Materials at Saint Louis Missouri

This site has many charts to help with your study of grammar.
Latin Teaching Resources
University of Virginia resources for Latin teachers.
Latin Page

Download Latin software.
Latin: The Key Concepts

This is a companion to the Royal Holloway course in Beginners Latin, based on Units 1-16 of Gavin Betts, Teach Yourself Latin. It's designed principally for review by those who have already completed the course, but can be studied as an independent guide. It doesn't follow the order of material in the coursebook precisely; rather, it threads what I hope is a logical and progressive way through the grammatical topics covered.
Latin Verbs

Drills on conjugating various verbs.

Latin classroom ideas &projects.
Latinteach Links

Useful links for Latin teachers.
Latinteach Webring

Links to sites aiding the teaching of Latin.
Lingua Latina, aka Winlatin

Free software you can install on your computer.  It lets you  practice writing forms for nouns, verbs, &adjectives.  This file is 5.2 megs.  If it takes too long for you to download, you can bring a zip disk to my office &copy it directly.
Listening Lab: Audio Files
Here are the sounds of Latin -- with a little Greek thrown in. Hundreds of audio files that can be heard using Real Player. Pronunciation guides, vocabulary, exercises from major grammars. 
Medieval Latin
Latin Culture Resources.  Links to Latin resources, especially Medieval.
Penn's MOO is also the first Latin MOO in cyberspace, passing under the name MUGIT (which is Latin for the noise a cow makes but seems also to acronymize Multorum Utentium Gregi Interesse Transcribendo -- "to be in a flock of many users by writing").
Multilingua. (Better Read than Dead)
Web site of George Sharpley, author of our textbook. 
Obscenity in Classical Latin
The ancient Romans had lusty appetites; just like modern people, they seemed to have one thing on their minds. The Charles Bukowski Memorial Center for Classical Latin Studies seeks to drag obscenity out of those dusty tomes and stick it right where it belongs. 
Orbilius Download Page
Orbilius is an interactive vocabulary and verb tester designed to be used with Teach Yourself Latin Units 1-16. You can use it to test yourself on vocabulary and verb endings, or simply as a kind of interactive flash card to help you review.
Paul Barrette's Latin Resources
Vocabulary flash cards. Also translates dates into the Julian calendar.
Prurient Latin Vocabulary List
Get your prurient Latin vocabulary (dirty Latin words) here.

"QuickLatin is a tool which helps you translate Latin into English.  At the moment it does not do English into Latin.  It has dictionary and parsing capabilities, plus some sentence-handling abilities. QuickLatin 1.0 is a competely rewritten shareware application which uses the Whitaker's Words dictionary and includes algorithms like those of Words, but adds sentence and translation-handling code.  It's still a bit basic at the moment, but I will keep enhancing it."
Rude words in Latin

A list of rude Latin words found in Plautus.  (They often end in "e" because they're in the vocative case.)
Tips for Studying Latin

How to study Latin with less stress.
Tolle, lege!
Here you will find some easy Latin texts.  Even if you have seen more difficult ones before, you may find these worth a try. In fact, reading should be easy. 
Quizzes over Latin Noun Forms

Java-based quizzes.
Translation Tips

Tips for translating Latin in 201 & 202.
VivaVoce -- Roman Poetry Recited--MP3

Listen to Latin poetry over the Internet.  This page also has an introduction to Latin meter.
Vocabula computatralia

Vocabulary words for talking about computers in Latin.
VRoma itself can be conceptualized in two distinct (though related) ways: 
  • an on-line "place," modeled to some extent upon the ancient city of Rome, where students and instructors can interact live, hold courses and lectures, and share resources for the study of the ancient world. As an on-line virtual environment, VRoma contextualizes and situates linguistic and cultural information within a simulated space, a virtual 'city' containing historical places (a simulation of the city of Rome circa 150 CE) and non-historical places (simulations of various types of spaces that imaginatively evoke ancient life). 
  • a collection of and filter for internet resources, which will be accessible in a variety of formats for individual learning, research and perusal. These extendible and customizable resources will include texts, commentaries, images, maps and other materials. Students and instructors will also have the option of customizing materials to suit their own reading levels and curricula.
YLE: Nuntii Latini

Weekly broadcast of news in Latin.  Broadcast from Finland.