The Honors Program's

Wyly Tower Auditorium & 
GTM Courtyard
Thursday, November 8, 2007
5:00-7:00 p.m.

Be There! Ave.

 Wade Heaton (Togaman), guest speaker

All Honors faculty and students are invited to come and to bring a guest.
To get the full experience, try to 
Dress up
Bring a dish. 
We have help with both these in the links below.  The Roman Food Menu is our sign-up sheet. 

Roman Food Menu
Pick out what you want to cook & bring to the party.
"Age, Gender, and Status Divisions at Mealtime in the Roman House.
This article has an diagram of how people reclined to eat.  From Romarch: Roman Art and Architecture
Antique Roman Dishes - Collection Here's another link
Recipes you can use.
Ancient Clothing & Adornment
This index page collects the articles in Smith's Dictionary on clothing, shoes, cosmetics, hairstyles etc. From LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World.
Common Herbs In Roman Cooking, According to Apicius
Modern names & substitutes for ancient herbs.
Cumin Spice Mix
This is my recipe for Cuminatum, by Phil Zaret.
How to Host a Roman Orgy
From the Shakespeare Eclectic Science Fiction Interactive Theatre. "There's a lot more to throwing a good old-fashioned Roman revel than just draping yourself in bedsheets and getting wild. The ancients took their fun seriously; dinnertime debauchery was an art refined over the course of centuries, from the relatively austere decadence of Tiberius in the first century A.D. (naked waitresses) to the boundlessly inventive frolics of certain third-century emperors (don't even ask)."
Links to sites on Roman cooking.
Latin Christmas Carols
Who says Latin is a dead language? Liven up those cold winter nights with some of these Latin Christmas Carols! Pax tecum sit!
LEGIO XX: The Imperial Roman Twentieth Lengion: Bringing Ancient Rome To Life
"The Twentieth Legion was founded in 1991 to recreate the soldiers of the Roman Army for public demonstrations and living history displays.  Our weapons, armor, and accoutrements are all carefully researched, and reconstructed at our own expense."  This site has detailed instructions on making Roman costumes.
Museum Replicas
This site mainly focuses on reproductions of weaponry, but it also carries ancient clothing.  Really cool swords, "Museum Replicas Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlanta Cutlery Corp., a mail order catalog company started in 1971 to sell hunting and other hard to find knives and knife making supplies from all over the world. Today we offer an extensive line of products which includes period clothing, jewelry, sculptures and well researched battle worthy edged weapons that you would have been proud to carry in any battle if you could go back in time. Apart from being time-tested weapons, these relics of history are excellent conversation pieces that could adorn your den or mantle."
Recipes from Merlynia's Closet
"For the last two years, Fiona and I have been cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for three legions down in Maryland at "Roman Days." 18-20 at a time, with a Dutch oven, a large frying pan, and a two-burner Coleman stove. Very little to wash, and very little 'perishables'."  Recipes make servings for 20.
Recipes From the Cavpona
Various recipes.
Rich Hamper's Rome Resource Page
Cosmetics and Perfumes, Epithets and Other Interjections -- how did the Romans cuss and swear?,  Food, Drink, and Meals, Hair and Beards, Naming Conventions (during the Late Republic), Place Names -- a list of Roman towns in Italy and their modern counterparts, Roman Government Officials (during the Late Republic), Roman Trivia, Sanitation, Shops, Some Roman Weights and Measures 
Roman Cuisine
What Romans ate, how they preserved food, cooked it and ate it.  The Ancient Roman Recipes section gives recipes for various foods from Apicius.
Roman Dinnerware Word List
Terminology the Romans used for cooking & eating.  From About Latin Language by Janet Burns.
Roman Food and Drink
What follows is mostly a tabular synopsis of what kinds of bread, vegetables, fruit, and drink the Romans of the Late Roman Republic were accustomed to as well as a couple of short tables showing how everyday meals and fancy dinner parties were different from one another.  From 
Rich Hamper's Rome Resource Page 
The Roman Orgy Page
"Everything you ever wanted to know about the art of antique roman cooking"
The Romans in Britain
"The history of the Romans in Britain - 100 B.C. to 450 A.D. Along with insights into Roman life, the military and how the Romans changed Britain."  Of special interest is Roman recipes of the upper classes.
Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages.  He has descriptions of a variety of spices, many used since ancient times.