Noun Practice 22: Fifth Declension Exercises

(Cf. Wheelock 22)

This chart presents the distinct forms possible for the fourth declension. It is very helpful to know which forms are unambiguously a particular case, and which must be decided by context.

For fifth declension nouns, one form is triply ambiguous (-ês), and two forms are doubly ambiguous (-eî, -êbus):
Full Meaning
thing (as subject)
(2) things (as subject) 
(3) things (as direct object)
note plural
note plural
of the thing
to / for the thing
thing (as direct object)
by the thing
of the things
note plural
(1) to / for the things
(2) by means of the things
note plural
note plural

Practice arriving at the Latin equivalents of the following until you can do so instantaneously and effortlessly.

(s) = "as subject", or "in the nominative case"  (o) = "as the typical form used for the direct object", or "in the accusative case"
1 ancient faiths (s)
2 by a powerful faith
3 to/for neither hope
4 to/for a swift day
5 new hopes (s)
6 to/for swift days
7 that blind hope (s)
8 of our republic
9 pleasant day (s)
10 that faith of yours (o)
11 of neither hope
12 to/for powerful faiths
13 by no trivial matters
14 to/for those blind hopes
15 sweet hopes (s)
16 by swift days
17 to/for one true thing
18 swift days (s)
19 to/for this day
20 sweet hope (s)
21 by neither hope
22 by this day
23 to/for famous matters
24 our republics (s)
25 by new hope
26 by one true thing
27 swift day (o)
28 of no trivial matters
29 pleasant days (s)
30 of that faith of yours
31 all serious matters (o)
32 of greedy republics
33 to/for an immortal faith
34 to/for an ancient faith
35 these true things (s)
36 no trivial matters (s)
37 by all serious matters
38 to/for greedy republics
39 famous matter (s)
40 our republics (o)
41 of immortal faiths
42 by the entire republic
43 of a swift day
44 by ancient faiths
45 to/for new hope
46 this day (s)
47 greedy republics (o)
48 powerful faith (o)
49 of every serious matter
50 by those hopes
51 by an ancient faith
52 to/for these true things
53 those blind hopes (s)
54 no trivial matter (o)
55 of this brave republic
56 of no trivial matter
57 by these brave republics
58 our republic (s)
59 the entire republic (s)
60 to/for the entire republic
61 these true things (o)
62 to/for ancient faiths
63 new hope (s)
64 to/for new hopes
65 to/for sweet hopes
66 one true thing (s)
67 to/for our republic
68 to/for that faith of yours
69 famous matter (o)
70 to/for a powerful faith
71 swift day (s)
72 by these days
73 sweet hopes (o)
74 of swift days
75 to/for these brave republics
76 that blind hope (o)
77 that faith of yours (s)
78 swift days (o)
79 powerful faith (s)
80 neither hope (o)
81 our republic (o)
82 immortal faith (o)
83 one true thing (o)
84 new hopes (o)
85 immortal faith (s)
86 of our republics
87 of ancient faiths
88 by powerful faiths
89 by famous matters
90 to/for all serious matters
91 famous matters (s)
92 powerful faiths (s)
93 pleasant days (o)
94 to/for a famous matter
95 to/for every serious matter
96 of famous matters
97 by that faith of yours
98 neither hope (s)
99 of sweet hopes
100 of powerful faiths
101 to/for those hopes
102 to/for our republics
103 greedy republics (s)
104 of all serious matters
105 no trivial matter (s)
106 this day (o)
107 to/for no trivial matter
108 by a swift day
109 new hope (o)
110 by these true things
111 ancient faith (s)
112 of that blind hope
113 those hopes (s)
114 to/for immortal faiths
115 these brave republics (s)
116 by new hopes
117 immortal faiths (o)
118 all serious matters (s)
119 of new hope
120 this brave republic (s)
121 these days (s)
122 of those hopes
123 by this brave republic
124 of an immortal faith
125 of an ancient faith
126 those hopes (o)
127 by that blind hope
128 of a powerful faith
129 by sweet hopes
130 of sweet hope
131 to/for that blind hope
132 immortal faiths (s)
133 to/for no trivial matters
134 of these true things
135 those blind hopes (o)
136 by our republic
137 to/for these days
138 to/for this brave republic
139 pleasant day (o)
140 by no trivial matter
141 to/for pleasant days
142 by every serious matter
143 ancient faith (o)
144 of one true thing
145 these days (o)
146 by greedy republics
147 of these brave republics
148 to/for a pleasant day
149 the entire republic (o)
150 ancient faiths (o)
151 by those blind hopes
152 by a pleasant day
153 every serious matter (s)
154 of these days
155 by a famous matter
156 by our republics
157 of those blind hopes
158 these brave republics (o)
159 no trivial matters (o)
160 of new hopes
161 powerful faiths (o)
162 famous matters (o)
163 of a famous matter
164 by an immortal faith
165 of this day
166 by pleasant days
167 of the entire republic
168 by immortal faiths
169 by sweet hope
170 to/for sweet hope
171 every serious matter (o)
172 this brave republic (o)
173 of pleasant days
174 sweet hope (o)
175 of a pleasant day