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Panola, an electronic edition

by Sarah A. Dorsey [Dorsey, Sarah A. (Sarah Anne), 1829-1879.]

date: 1877
source publisher: T. B. Peterson & Brothers
collection: Genre Fiction

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A seaside house to the farther South,
Where the baked cicalas die of drouth,
And one sharp tree—'tis a cypress—stands
By the many hundred years red-rusted,
Rough, iron-spiked, ripe fruit o'er-crusted—
My sentinel to guard the sands
To the water's edge.
* * * * * * *
While in the house forever crumbles
Some fragment of the frescoed walls
From blisters where a scorpion sprawls—
A girl bare-footed brings, and tumbles
Down on the pavement, green flesh melons."
"We are the sum of our ancestors—plus—ourselves." ANNE SEEMULLER.