Index of 03_download/texts/

01_latour--1sthand account of the battle_of_New_Orleans
allen--Gov's 1865_address
arthur--battle_of_n.o. 100th Anniversary account
arthur--history of the west_florida rebellion
barlett--clarimonde. A Civil War novel written during the war
bartram--travels through America in 1791.
bissell_et_al-Connecticut Volunteers in the civil_war
boucicault--octoroon A play from the 1800s based on The Quadroon
cable--bonaventure. A story from Acadian Louisiana
cable--strange_true: "The Aunt" "Salome Muller," "Haunted House," or "Attalie Brouillard" are available
chateaubriand2: English translation of Rene, a novella set in Natchez
chopin--at_fault: A novel set in the Cane River region
chopin--bayou_folk - There are still several stories available.  Scroll to TOC  to see
churchill--the_crossing.  Winston Churchill wrote this novel set in Louisiana.  Wow.
de_vaca1.  Earliest explorer of the Gulf Coast.  Lost several years.  Good description
of lands & people. *Long S--ask me
de_vaca2--english translation of de vaca's account
desdunes--nos_hommes.  Biographies of Louisiana's French-speaking African American leaders
dillon--novel set in the louisiana_purchase (written in 1904, the centennial). 
du_pratz--history_of early_LA--written in 1774
dunbar--Masterpieces of Negro Eloquence. Several speaches by African-Americans.  Choose 1.
dunbar--Mine_Eyes Have Seen--A one-act play
dunbar--st_rocque_stories.  11 short stories from New Orleans.
dunbar--violets_and_other_tales.  More New Orleans stories.  Poems too
eustis--creole_cookbook.  Move over, Paula Dean.  Cookbook in French & English
fearn--diary_of_a_refugee.  Civil War diary of a woman who went to Alexandria to escape the fighting
finley--elsie_at_viamede.  These 2 books are part of a series of books about Elsie--young adult
fortier--folktales.  We still have some Creole/English folktales left
hearne--Chita.  A story set in New Orleans and the Caribbean. Adventure story 
henry--Cabbages and Kings.  Another New Orleans-Caribbean adventure story
henry--Cherchez La Femme.  Short story set in New Orleans
king--balcony_stories. Short stories, mostly set in New Orleans
king-Monsieur_Motte. Novel set in New Orleans
knox--Camp-Fire and Cotton-Field. Civil_War journalist who came to Louisiana with union troops
lanusse--les_cenelles.  French poetry by New Orleans African-Americans - 19th century
levasseur--Lafayette's tour of Louisiana
mccarthy--"The Bonnie Blue Flag" famous Civil War song.  embed a Youtube video & a flag
menken--poetry. Biography of & poetry by Adah Menken, great N.O. actress who scandalized USA
merrick--Old_Times in Dixie Land. About growing up on a pre-Civil War plantation in LA.
norman--New_Orleans & Its Environs.  1845. New Orleans history & travel guide.  
norton--Ralestone_Luck. Young adult novel about finding pirate treasure in LA
polk--Address.  The "fighting bishop" Leonidas Polk speaks before becoming the war's worst general
pyle--folk_n_fairy_tales. A couple of Louisiana folk tales told for children.
ripley1--From_Flag_to_Flag.  A woman's Civil War adventures.
ripley2--Social_Life_Old_New_Orleans. 1912 book about growing up in antebellum New Orleans.
roberts--Narrative of James Roberts. African-American soldier in Revolution & Battle of N.O.
roman1--beauregard_1. Two-volumn bio of Gen. Beauregard.
roman2--beauregard_2. Two-volumn bio of Gen. Beauregard.
roosevelt--Winning_the_West. Teddy Roosevelt recounts the LA Purchase & Lewis & Clark.
rouquette--MESCHAC√ČB√ČENNES--french_poems.  1839. (alternate spelling of Mississippians)
shultz--Katrina poem
stuart--Babette. A  Little Creole Girl. Novel starts at Mardi Gras in N.O.
stuart--Christmas_Pockets.  10 short stories mostly in New Orleans.  Christmas theme.
stuart--Rivers_Children. A novel set by the Mississippi River on a plantation.
townsend--A collection of poems
velazquez--The Woman_in_Battle.  A woman soldier & spy for the Confederacy
villeneufve--Corn_Festival.  Louisiana's oldest play.  In French. About a native-American chief.
wadley--Civil_War Diary by an Amite woman. Sarah Wadley