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Bruce R. Magee.
Resources for “Posson Jone’,”
by George Washington Cable.

“Posson Jone’” from the Louisiana Anthology

This is the free, online edition of “Posson Jone’” offered by the Louisiana Anthology. It has our footnotes and contains the illustrations from the first edition.

“Posson Jone’” from Google Books.

An online, free edition of “Posson Jone’” from Google Books. It is a scan of the first edition in pdf and epub formats.

Cable, George Washington. “Posson Jone’” and Père Raphaël: With a New Word Setting Forth How and Why the Two Tales Are One. Illus. Stanley M. Arthurs. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1909. Google Books. Web. 27 Feb. 2012. <http:// books. google.com/ books?id= bzhLAAAAIAAJ>.

Lecture by Bruce R. Magee

Podcast 1 by Bruce R. Magee and Stephen Payne

Podcast 2 by Bruce R. Magee and Stephen Payne.


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