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Julie Kane.
“Those Sunday Drives.”

You used to bore me with your monologues

on drives through old “New Awlins” neighborhoods:

what family had what house when you were young

and where some candy store or bank had stood.

Who cares about the past? I used to think.

We Yankee Irish pulled up roots a lot,

escaping relatives with chicken coops

and cabbage boiling in a kitchen pot.

But that was all before the hurricane

our Mason-Dixon love did not survive —

small loss indeed beside a thousand dead,

four houses flooded out of every five.

So much has changed: Time speeded up her clock,

and now I bore all riders with my talk.


Kane, Julie. Jazz Funeral. West Chester: Story Line Press, 2009. <http:// www. amazon. com/ Jazz- Funeral- Julie- Kane/dp/ 0978599713/>.

Selected books by Julie Kane:

Body and Soul (1987)

Rhythm & Booze: Poems by Julie Kane(2003)
Winner in the 2002 National Poetry Series
Finalist for the 2005 Poet's Prize

Jazz Funeral (2009)
Winner of the 2009 Donald Justice Poetry Prize

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Anthology of Louisiana Literature