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Julie Kane.
"Used Book."

What luck — an open bookstore up ahead

as rain lashed awnings over Royal Street,

and then to find the books were secondhand,

with one whole wall assigned to poetry;

and then, as if that wasn't luck enough,

to find, between Jarrell and Weldon Kees,

the blue-on-cream, familiar backbone of

my chapbook, out of print since '83 —

its cover very slightly coffee stained,

but aging, all in all, no worse than flesh,

through all those cycles of the seasons since

its publication by a London press.

Then, out of luck, I read the name inside:

the man I thought would love me till I died.




Kane, Julie. Jazz Funeral. West Chester: Story Line Press, 2009. <http:// www. amazon. com/ Jazz- Funeral- Julie- Kane/dp/ 0978599713/>.

Selected books by Julie Kane:

Body and Soul (1987)

Rhythm & Booze: Poems by Julie Kane(2003)
Winner in the 2002 National Poetry Series
Finalist for the 2005 Poet's Prize

Jazz Funeral (2009)
Winner of the 2009 Donald Justice Poetry Prize

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Anthology of Louisiana Literature