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Bruce R. Magee.
Resources for Samuel Clemens’ “Letter to Pamela A. Moffett.”

Clemens. “Mardi Gras Letter” from the Louisiana Anthology.

This is the free, online edition of “Mardi Gras Letter to Pamela A. Moffett” from the Louisiana Anthology.

Clemens. “Mardi Gras Letter” from the Mark Twain Project

This is a free online version from the Mark Twain Project. It has a extensive scholarly notes.

Twain. “Mardi Gras ” Chapter from Life on the Mississippi.

This is the free, online edition of Life on the Mississippi from the Louisiana Anthology.

Thomas Ruys Smith. “Mark Twain on Mardi Gras.”

Dr. Smith contrasts the joyful description of Mardi Gras that a young Sam Clemens gives his sister with the more jaded description of author Mark Twain in later years.

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