Seeking the position of Airfield Manager with opportunity to utilize = management experience with airport operations.


Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana. Bachelor of Science in = Business Management and Entrepreneurship, May 2000, GPA: 3.45/4.00. = Worked part-time while attending college.

New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, New Mexico. = Associates Degree in Communications. May 1996, GPA: = 3.25/4.00.



Shreveport Regional Airport, Shreveport Airport Authority, = Shreveport, Louisiana. May 1997 to August 1997. Intern. Assisted = the airport director in everyday operations of an airport:: Learned = airfield maintenance operations, experienced airline contract = negotiations, worked on human resource projects, and helped manage air = traffic control operations.

Shreveport Regional Airport, Tac Air, Shreveport, Louisiana. May = 1996 to August 1997. Linesman. Received hands-on experience in refueling = airline transport aircraft, towing general and corporate aircraft and = preparing corporate aircraft for flight.

 Ruston Regional Airport, Louisiana Aircraft Inc., Ruston, = Louisiana. August 1996 to May 1997. Linesman. Refueled general aviation = and corporate aircraft, prepared aircraft for flights, managed = landscaping on the airport grounds, and managed the front desk.

 Brookshires Grocery Company, Haughton, Louisiana. May 1993 to = July 1996 (summers and holidays). Grocery Sacker and Stocker. Sacked = groceries and stocked store shelves.



- President=92s List = - Outstanding = Student Award = - Veterans of Foreign World Wars National Award = - Edgar H. Hoover Military = Honor Scholarship



- Baptist Student Union = -- Parable Drama Team = Ministries = - Alpha Eta Rho Professional Aviation Fraternity = - Louisiana Tech Student = Government Association = -- Senator = = -- Members-at-Large = = - Louisiana Tech University College Republicans


- Bossier Fire District #1 Volunteer Fireman = - Church Youth Group = - = Key Club


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1231 Skokie Street

Ruston, LA 710270

November 7, 1997

Mr. Gene Couvillion

Director of Airports

Lafayette Airport Authority

51036 Acadiana Avenue, Suite 300

Lafayette, LA 71109

 Dear Mr. Couvillion:

 In May I will graduate from Louisiana Tech University with a = Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship = with a minor in Aviation Management. I am writing to explore the = possibility of filling the position as the new Airfield Manager at the = Lafayette Regional Airport.

 I am aware that the Lafayette Airport is preparing to enter = into a massive terminal remodeling project and exploring the avenues of = new airline service. Many of my elective classes were in the field of = air carrier management and operations; therefore I am familiar with = airline operations and procedures. Through my major I have extensive = knowledge of operating practices, such as record keeping, office layout, = personnel and budgetary requirements, and performance to create new = systems essential to airfield and terminal management. My internship = experience with the Deputy Director of Airports at the Shreveport = Airport Authority, after my sophomore year provided vast opportunities = for me to gain experience in coordinating airport services and = activities of personnel in the airport organization. I learned the = responsibility of studying management methods in order to improve = workflow and implement cost-reduction. I also had the privilege of = working with air carriers to promote air service. As a person who seeks = a challenge, I am dependable, creative, flexible, and resourceful.

 My resume, which contains information about my education, work = experiences, campus activities, and honors, is enclosed for your review. = I believe I am well qualified to fill the position and experienced = enough to assist you with the new terminal remodeling project. I will = call within two weeks to follow up on my application. Meanwhile, if you = want to contact me, I can be reached at (318) 255-3676.



Craig J. Smith