English 303: Technical Writing on the Web


Technical Writing under Dr. Bruce R. Magee and other professors can be very confusing. Working on the World Wide Web can also be difficult. Doing both at the same time can be downright horrifying. So we have compiled a list of options w ith helpful sites on the web to help teach you clearly how to do both, either seperately or together, and hopefully help you pass your technical writting class without going absolutely nuts, or even help in references for "real world" applications.

In a State of Mass Confusion, Choose One of the Following:

Option One:

Drop the Class!
Get out while you can, if you can!

Option Two:

Of course if you're stuck in a situation where quitting isn't an option, like most of us, visit one of these sites for some clear instructions on technical writing on the world wide web (www).

Some really great references are listed below:
What other schools have done for their technical writing projects on the web:
List of other tecnical writing sites and browsers that are full of information. Option Three:

 You can always have someone else do your assignment. Why not? Try out this site if it sounds intresting:

Thank you for trying out our technical writing site. We hope it has been helpful to you both for the class and the real world. If these options do not work, you can always try to bribe the proffessor, say with an ICEE machine? You can try it, But we still had to do our papers.