Obtaining and Using a UNIX Account

1.) Materials

a.) Louisiana Tech University I.D.
b.) Engineering Major
c.) An open mind

2.) Directions

a.) Find Wyly Tower of Learning
b.) Go to the double doors marked "Registration Office"
c.) Travel down the stairs on the left
d.) Pass through the double doors on the left
e.) Journey through the next set of double doors on the left
f.) Ask the nice lady behind the desk for a UNIX account
g.) She will give you a paper to fill out
i.) Bring the paper back to the nice lady
j.) Receive your account within 24 hours

1.) Labs

a.) Bogard
b.) Nethken
c.) Engineering Annex

2.) Home use

a.) Obtain two DD HD diskettes
b.) Follow the directions listed in part A: 2
c.) Fill out the necessary paperwork (with the nice lady at the desk)
d.) Wait a day and receive necessary instructions and softeware
e.) Install the software on your hard drive

1.) Type in your "USERID" when the prompt appears and then Press "ENTER "

2.) Type in your "PASSWORD" and then press "ENTER"

1.) Once logged on, you will automatically connect to the Louisiana Tech University home page

2.) In order to connect to another web site, simply highlight the text at the top of the page and insert the new address, then press "ENTER"

3.) There is a list of what's cool and hot on the home page; these kind of features will allow you to locate info on your favorite subjects

1.) Sending mail files

a.) Type "Mail (address)" and press "ENTER"
b.) Enter a "SUBJECT" and press "ENTER"
c.) Type "~r (filename)" and press "ENTER"
d.) Press "Ctrl + D" to send the mail

2.) Another way to send mail files

a.) Type "elm (address)" and press "ENTER"
b.) If you are successful, you will receive the following message: "mail sent"

3.) Sending mail files using mail editor

a.) Type "elm" and press "ENTER"
b.) The editor and its menu will appear

4.) Reading mail files

a.) Type "elm" and press "ENTER"
b.) Follow the menu's instructions