Obtaining and Using a VM Account

1.) Materials

a.) Louisiana Tech University I.D.
b.) An open mind

2.) Directions

a.) Find Wyly Tower of Learning
b.) Go to the double doors marked "Registration Office"
c.) Travel down the stairs to the left
d.) Pass through the double doors on the left
e.) Journey through the next set of double doors on the left
f.) Ask the nice lady behind the desk for a VM account
g.) Hand her your Louisiana Tech University I.D.
h.) Receive your account on the spot or in 24 hours

1.) Labs

a.) Third floor computing lab of Wyly Tower of Learning
b.) First floor of Kidd residence hall
c.) First floor of Nethken
d.) Other terminals are scattered throughout GTM, CAB, CTH, Woodard and South Hall.

2.) Home Use

a.) Obtain two HD DS diskettes
b.) Bring them with you and follow Part A: 2
c.) Fill out the necessary paperwork (with the nice lady at the desk)
d.) Come back in 24 hours and receive the software and instructions
e.) Follow the instructions and install the software on your CPU

1.) In a lab (use "Alt + PF Keys")

a.) Turn light knob to the right
b.) Type in your "USERID" in the proper position
c.) Press "RETURN"
d.) Type in your "PASSWORD"
e.) Press "RETURN"

2.) At home (use "F Keys")

a.) Execute Procomm Plus
b.) Hit "ANY KEY" to start
c.) Press "Alt + D" for the dialing directory
d.) Press "R" for the revise function
e.) Enter these settings

i.) NAME: Mainframe
ii.) NUMBER: 3311 or 257-3311
iii.) BAUD: 2400
v.) DATA BITS: 7
vi.) STOP BITS: 1
viii.) PORT: COM 1
x.) TERMINAL: click on "IBM" then click on "3270/950"
xii.) Press "ENTER" seven times to end and save settings

f.) Now all you have to do is highlight the first line that will now be titled "Mainframe" and press "ENTER"
g.) The program will dial and connect to the mainframe
h.) When it connects and asks for a terminal type, type "TVI950" and then press "ENTER"
i.) Type in your "USERID" and then press "ENTER"
j.) Type in your "PASSWORD" and then press "ENTER"

1.) Instructions

a.) Helpful instructions are usually located at the bottom of a screen
b.) These can be used as an easy reference for Internet usage
c.) Keep in mind that during home use, the "Alt + PF Key" instructions are refering to your "F Keys"

2.) E-mail

a.) How to check your e-mail

i.) Type "MAIL"
ii.) Press "ENTER"
iii.) Look to the bottom of the screen as if it was the Force

b.) How to handle your e-mail

i.) Reading= Press "Alt + PF2"
ii.) Scrolling= Press "Alt + PF7" to go up and press "Alt + PF8" to go down
iii.) Deleting= Press "Alt + PF9"
iv.) Printing= Press "Alt + PF4"
v.) Forwarding= Press "Alt + PF6"
vi.) Replying= Press "Alt + PF5"
vii.) Quiting= Press "Alt +PF3"

3.) World Wide Web

a.) Type "WWW"
b.) Simply move the cursor to the bold text (also refered to as hyperlinks)
c.) Press "ENTER" (we will usually indicate this with [enter]-- that means press the enter key)
d.) The mainframe will continue to download information on the hyperlinks that you choose
e.) Printing from the VM browser

i.) When you find a file you want to print, type alt-9 (for alternate keys).
ii.) Type alt-11 (print).
iii.) When you finish your WWW session, type alt-12 (Quit)
iv.) Once back to the regular screen, type Pub Acc 215 [enter]
v.) Pub Acc 216 [enter]
vi.) prtp [enter]
vii.) You will be asked which files to print. Type "a" to print all the files you've selected.
viii.) Select the student printer for your destination.
ix.) Pick up your printout across the hall from the mainframe lab on the third floor of Wyley Tower.

4.) Files

a.) Your "FLIST" is a list of the files that are saved on your account
b.) To view these files, type "FLIST" and press "ENTER"
c.) To receive a new file, type "RECEIVE" and press "ENTER"
d.) Editing files

i.) Move the cursor to the line of the file you need to edit
ii.) Type "X" and then press "ENTER"
iii.) Make the your changes and then press "ENTER"
iv.) Then type "SAVE" in order to cave the changes

e.) Sending files

i.) Type "SENDFILE" and then press "ENTER"
ii.) Enter the required information
iii.) Press "Alt + PF5" to send the file
iv.) Or Go to your flist, tab once, then type sf / userid

f.) Printing files

i.) Once in your flist, move the cursor to the file
ii.) Type "PRINTFILE" and then press "ENTER"

5.) How your names list will help

a.) Type "NAMES" and then press "ENTER"
b.) How to add an LA Tech user to your names list

i.) Enter a "NICKNAME" for the user
ii.) Enter the user's "USERID"
iii.) Press "ENTER" when this info and any other personal info has been placed accordingly
iv.) Press "Alt + PF2" to add this entry to your names list

c.) How to add a non-LA Tech user to your names list

i.) Enter a "NICKNAME" for the user
ii.) Enter in the user's "USERID" (whatever comes before the @ symbol)
iii.) Enter in the user's "NODE" (whatever comes after the @ symbol)
iv.) Press "ENTER" when this info and any other personal info has been placed accordingly
v.) Press "Alt + PF2" to add this entry to your names list

d.) E-mailing made easier

i.) Type "MAIL (user's nickname)"
ii.) Press "ENTER"

e.) Telling made easier

i.) Type "TELL (user's nickname) MESSAGE"
ii.) Press "ENTER"