Writing on Web


Here are some start links:

Tech's Home Page

* The purpose of the Html Language is to help you to write down any information you would like to put on your Homepage, such as your name, direction to your home for strangers, and your goofy picture too..
.The HTML Language
* This address will provide you with a tutorial, explaining the Html Language..
.Learning HTML

*. HTML with Style - WebReference.com.

*. How To Set Up And Maintain a WWW Site.

This page connects to other web sites to find out detailed information on how to set up and maintain your own web site. It also helps unravel the web, and provides essential web site tools.
.AOLpress Clip Art Gallery.
This site supplies you with templates, backgrounds, and images for constructing a web site.
. Claris Home Page 3.0--WYSIWYG Editor
Download Free Beta Version of Claris Home Page 3.0
Claris Home Page 3.0 is now available for Macintosh and Windows 95/NT. It has undergone many enhancements. The most notable additions include the eight assistants, three viewing modes, and FileMaker 4.0 connectivity. The Home Page user interface is intuitive for those unaccustomed to using assistants. The documentation and tutorials under the Help menu provide optimal instruction. Note that at this time, there seem to be some problems with FileMaker connectivity. Users may download a free evaluation copy of this commercial product. [TB]
.Netscape Web Page Templates.
Netscape has provided several templates that you can save and modify to construct your own page.
. Netscape Page Wizard.
Netscape has also provided the Page Wizard to help you make your own page. You type in what you want; it arranges the page for you.
A boon to web developers, Mecklermedia provides the latest news in web developments; a library with tutorials, white papers, and book reviews on the topic; and a question and answer section. The developers forum contains threaded discussions on fourteen web-related topics. The site also features a software review section, and a general section with further information on fifteen topics from ActiveX to browsers to e-commerce. [JS]
The Style-o-Mattic--A Cascading Style Sheets Tool.
Web Development for 4.0 Browsers - Get Started with Cascading Style Sheets
The Style-o-Mattic was created at CNET by Matt Rotter. It is a great tool for those unfamiliar with using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) (discussed in the September 5, 1997 issue of the Scout Report). Users simply enter text and choose values under the various properties, such as font, background, and text, then view the source code. The Style-o-Mattic is part of an informative tutorial, Web Development for 4.0 Browsers - Get Started with Cascading Style Sheets, by Matt Rotter and Charity Kahn. It discusses the basics of CSS and positioning. Examples allow users to see the code in action. This code is not currently universal; therefore, web pages need to be tested in both Netscape Navigator 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0.
Web Developer's Virtual Library
The Web Developer's Virtual Library (WDVL) is one of the largest, oldest, and most useful Web developer's resources in existence. While most virtual libraries provide only indexes of external information, the WDVL offers original articles and tutorials on various current Web development technologies and problems. The site is nicely organized, making it easy to quickly drill down to an interesting article, and one can lose track of time reading the informative articles and following pointers to useful Websites. An effective search engine also helps users to find information within the site. The WDVL's weekly email newsletter contains information about the latest articles, tutorials, and developer trends. All in all, the WDVL is an excellent resource for Web development and should be a bookmark on any developer's list. [CL]
Web Page Design
This site is aimed at people who are already involved with design and typography for conventional print and want to explore the possibilities of this new electronic medium. They are probably already using page layout tools like Quark XPress, PhotoShop, Freehand and Illustrator and have discovered that designing web pages is something quite different.
The Java

* Java is a Language which can be used on DOS, UNIX and MACINTOSH systems..

For more fun with Java, check out.

  • Sun's Java Homepage - Development tools, documentation, Java news.
  • JavaWorld - The hot new e-zine for Java enthusiasts - users and developers alike!
  • Java Applet Rating Service - peer review of applets and apps. Put your applets to the test.. and check out those who already have (and survived!)
  • The Java Boutique - Jason Gurney's most excellent resource site.
  • The Java Developer - Java resources for developers...a terrific FAQ.
  • Digital Espresso - formerly J*** Notes, weekly summary of mailing lists and newsgroups...top notch!
  • Gamelan - Earthweb's extensive list of Java resources.
  • The Caffeine Connection - On-Line Magazine's great Java listings, consultant directory, and review site.