Louisiana Tech
English Department
Student Writing Contest

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Are you one of the best writers at Tech?  Enter our writing contest and find out!

A cash prize will be awarded for English essays in each of the following categories:
  • 101 Non-Research Essay. $50.00
  • 101 Research Essay. $50.00
  • 102 Literary Non-Research Paper. $100.00
  • 102 Literary Research Paper. $100.00
  • 200-Level Literary Research Essay. $50.00
  • 303 Short Project (5 pages or less) $100.00
  • 303 Long Project (6 pages or more) $100.00
  • 400-Level Research Paper $100.00
  • 500-Level Research Paper $100.00
The contest is open to students in English courses from Spring 2018 through Winter 2018-2019.

Contestants may only submit essays written for course credit. To enter, take an electronic copy to your professor and fill out a submission form with your instructor. All submissions must have successfully gone through Turnitin. Only instructors can submit the paper, but the student must provide all contact information to the instructor.

Last day to enter: April 1.  Winners will be announced at the Shakespeare Birthday Festival.

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