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Course              CSC 532 - Advanced Topics in  Software Engineering

Description       This is a graduate level reading/research oriented-class in software engineering. Students will  not only learn currently well-know methodologies but also will (hand-on) experience with currently state-of-art software engineering tools. Following selected research topics of current interests in software engineering will be studied: (1) Service Engineering/management; (2) software engineering tools (IDE, configuration/build); (3) software metrics  ; (4) component-based software engineering; (5) software reliability engineering & Verification; (6) formal specification techniques; etc.

Prerequisites     CSC 230 or consent of instructor

Time & Room    T-TH 10:00 - 11:50, Nethken 243

Course URL       http://www.latech.edu/~box/aswengr.htm

Instructor          Dr. Chokchai (Box) Leangsuksun

Grader              Sonal Dekhan, ssd002@latech.edu


  1. Scott Kendall,  Unified Process Explained, The, 1/e, ISBN-0-201-74204-7

  2. Wake C. William, Extreme Programming Explored, 1/e,ISBN-0-201-73397-8

  3. In addition to materials from the above main textbooks, Iíll provide more references (URL or some books) when we  discuss on some particular topics in the research/term projects.


Term Project                 

 45%     (see more details in the class handout)

Research Paper              




Class Participation          


Class Assignments/Presentations 


PEER & Presentation EVALUATION:

  • Peer evaluations will be performed on the final day of the class or team assignment due date. 
  • These evaluations will be confidential and will be used in computing an individuals participation score (30% of course team assignment credit).
  • Click here for the evaluation form.
  • Presentations will be graded using this gradesheet.


                 Percentage points


90 and above    A

80 - 89         


70 - 79 


60 - 69


< 60                     



Projects             See the class handout

Class Important Dates



Class Materials

Date Topics
9/10/2002 Class syllabus and Term Project Introduction
9/12/2002 Text book presentation assignment,

Intro to Software Engineering "Seeing the forest in the midst of the trees", Rational perspective of software development

PowerPoint presentation template

9/17/2002  Intro to OO (UML flavor).
9/21/2002  Intro to RUP, Chapter 2 Requirement Work Flow and Chapter 3 Analysis Work Flow
9/24/2002  Chapter 2 RUP  continued; project vision presentations, assignment 1; requirement template
9/26/2002 project vision presentations group 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9Chapter 4 Design Work Flow
10/1/2002 Chapter 5 Implementation Work Flow, Chapter 6 Test Work Flow.
10/8/2002 Product readiness criteria  and workflow summary, Chapter 7 The Inception Phase, Chapter 8 Elaboration Phase,
10/10/2002 Chapter 8 Elaboration Phase, Chapter 9 The Construction Phase
10/15/2002 Supporting workflow (from Rational RSWTL manual)
10/17/2002 Midterm Exam
10/22/2003 eXtreme Programming Chapter 1 Program incrementally and Test-First
10/24/2003 Chapter 1 Program incrementally and Test-First, Chapter 2 Refactoring, Chapter 3 Team Practices
10/29/2002 Homework 2 eXtreme ProgrammingChapter 3 Team PracticesChapter 4 Pair Programming


9/17/2002 We will move our Midterm schedule from Oct 15 to Oct 17 2002.