Two Papers on Text-Retrieval and AI Machines


Dept. of Computer and Information Science & Dept. of Electrical Engineering
The Ohio State University,
Columbus, Ohio 43210, USA


Abstract: This report is a collection of two papers describing our work in the HYTREM project and efforts in its extension to AI applications. The HYTREM project was first conceived in 1983. Its goal was the design of a special purpose machine for performing text retrieval, through the integration of special purpose VLSI processors and software access techniques. The first paper in this report presents on overview of the design and future research directions in the project. The second paper presents the design of an associative processor, call GAM, for pattern matching. The primary goal of the processor is to act as a prolog clause indexing device and as an engine for performing mock unification. Funded by NSF, the research is aiming at extending the techniques developed in HYTERM to knowledge-base machines.


Technical Research Report:

Computer and Information Science Research Center, The Ohio State University, 1989.